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Students of the Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham are expected

• to immerse themselves in a rigorous program of Torah learning that will lead to a life of reverence and provide tools to contribute to their communities according to the highest values of the Jewish tradition,

• to approach Torahh study with love, and with that love engage in deep, meaningful study,

• to develop a sense of responsibility to the Jewish people and live up to that responsibility by staffing educational projects for Yerucham and the Negev.


Morning studies

The day begins with Tefillat Shacharit at six thirty AM. Most of the morning and afternoon hours are dedicated to learning Gemara b'iyun (in depth) with a chevruta (learning partner). Twice a week the ram gives a shiur (lesson) and once a week, the Rosh Yeshiva delivers a general shiur to the entire student body. At the same time, the Yeshiva maintains a separate program of teaching Halacha as preparation for semicha (rabbinic ordination) exams given by the rabbinate.


The Yerucham Hesder Yeshiva’s unique program for young Ethiopian Israelis, leading to teacher certification and a B.A. degree

The challenges of Aliya

The recent campaign to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel has been at once a fulfillment of the Zionist dream, and one of Israel’s most difficult societal challenges.

Young Ethiopians are caught between their ethnic traditions and the cultural ambience of mainstream Israeli society.  Most seek to resolve the tension by trying to become completely Israeli, i.e., by abandoning Ethiopian traditions and leadership.  In fact, however, few manage to integrate fully into the Israeli mainstream.

  Yearly Events

During the summer vacation and after all the regular day camps have finished, the first-year talmidim of the yeshiva (Shana Aleph) organize an additional day camp. About fifty Yerucham children attend and enjoy a 'week of fun and values', and this sets the stage for the beginning of a relationship with the yeshiva boys that often extends into the school year.





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