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Rabbi Eliyahu Blumenzweig, Rosh Yeshiva


In 1993, after havingrosh_yeshiva_-_rabbi_eliyahu_blumenzweig_shlita.jpg graduated from and serving as ra"m (senior faculty member) in Yehsivat Har Etzion (Alon Shvut), Rav Blumenzweig acceded to the appeal of Mr. Shmulik Friedman Ben Shalom to be the founding Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham. He has led the Yeshiva in that capacity ever since. Rav Blumenzweig is known for the profundity of his textual research and is recognized as an extraordinary Torah scholar.



Mr. Shmuel Friedman Ben Shalom
Director General of the Yeshiva,
Mr. Friedman Ben-Shalom, affectionately nicknamed Shmulik, was raised on Kibbutz Saad and is the father of nine. He founded the Yeshiva and has directed it since its inception in 5754—1993; for eight years before that he founded the Midreshet B'Yachad Seminar Center and was very involved in social action projects of Nahal and Sherut Leumi (national service) groups as well as Bnei Akiva settlement groups (garinim) in the town. The Yeshiva is also not the last of Shmulik's projects; subsequently in Yerucham, he established within "B'Yachad" a Center (Medrasha) for Jewish Studies and a yeshiva high school.


Rav Uriel Eitam

Rosh Kollel Halacha (5767-2006)

Rav Eitam (graduate of Yeshivat Har Etzion) joined Yerucham as the first married yeshiva student (avreich) during the yeshiva's first year of existence. From then until 5766-2006 he was in charge of the study of emunah and Machshevet Yisrael (Jewish philosophy) and served as a ram for many of the years. From 5767-2006, he was appointed Rosh Kollel Halacha in the yeshiva (the rabbinic track).

Rav Meir Kahane, Dayan, Rabbinical Beit Din of Be'er Sheva
 הרב מאיר כהנא

Rav Kahane (graduate of Yeshivat Kiryat Shmonah and Eretz Chemdah Kollel) first came to Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham in 5761-2000. From then, he taught the shiurim of the older yeshiva students. Rav Kahane is known for his ability to form warm, personal relationships with the students. He is also a company commander in the reserves, and he is in charge of keeping contact with the yeshiva students who become officers and commanders in the IDF. In 5772/2012 Rav Kahana was appointed to be a Dayan in the Rabbinical Beit Din in Be'er Sheva and since comes to the yeshiva once a week to teach and maintain the connections with the students and staff.

Rav Shai Genizi, ram

Rav Genizi (graduate of Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham's first class) is the first of the yeshiva graduates to join the ranks of the ramim. After eleven years of study, Rav Shai began to teach (in 5765--2005).

Rav Chaim Wolfson, ram


הרב חיים וולפסוןRav Wolfson (graduate of Yeshivat Or Etzion and Rechovot Kollel) began serving as ram in the yeshiva in 5766-2005 . After a year of commuting from Rechovot, Rav Wolfson and his family moved to live in Yerucham.

Rav Shmuel Gleizer, ram
 הרב שמואל גלייזר

Rav Gleizer (graduate of Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham's fourth class) started teaching in the yeshiva from 5767-2006. As well, he serves as one of the managers of the yeshiva's Keren Tzedaka (charity fund).

Rabbi Oded Mitelman





Rabbi Mitleman, (Graduate, Yeshivat Har Etzion, Alon Shvut), began teaching in the Yeshiva in 5770/2010. He is the son in law and Talmid of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstien.


Rabbi IdoHaber





Rav Ido, (Graduate, Yeshivat Har Hamor, and eretz Hemda Kolel), began teaching in the Yeshiva in 5772/2012. 


הרב אשר וייס

  ר"מ, מנהל תכנית יעדים

הרב אשר (בוגר מחזור ו', ישיבת ירוחם), מנהל את תכנית יעדים להכשרת מנהיגות בעדה האתיופית מאז שנת תשס"ז ומשמש כמלווה רוחני לתלמידי שיעור א' ושיעור ב' מאז תשע"א.




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