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Here to stay

One of the first goals of the founders of the Yeshiva was to attract quality young families to settle in Yerucham.  They succeeded remarkably well, and their success continues still.  More than eighty new families (students and staff at the Yeshiva) who have made their homes in town and – side by side with veteran residents – are an integral part of the local community.  As a result of the warm ties between the highly-educated Yeshiva newcomers and veteran families, some of the best among the younger generation of those veteran families (who otherwise would have moved away) now see Yerucham as a desirable place to live, with well-educated and value-oriented neighbors, an improving school system, and a cultural life with promise.Today, the community is growing not only by local or Yeshiva families rather by scores of families seeking a good commuity in the south of Israel.

torah in the town

Talmud Torah

  since 5766/2006, the Yeshiva operates a "Talmud Torah" (ex-curiculum Torah studies) for the Yerucham children in the afternoon hours. Over 110 children, from kindergarten through sixth grade, are involved in this weekly enterprise that takes place in the Kol Yaacov School, at homes and in the Bnei Akiva building. 

Bar Mitzva Preparation

An outgrowth of a municipal Bar Mitzvah program for new immigrants,
the program targets 13-year-old seventh-graders. The program aims to provide students with a sense of Jewish tradition and belonging by dealing with elements from their own lives.

The Kol Ya'acov Elementry State School

School hours activities

From the very first year of the Yeshiva's existence, its students have provided remedial and enrichment after-school tutoring for pupils at the nearby "Kol Yaacov" school

Within the school, the boys teach in small groups with the school teacher and provide a school rabbi. The school rabbi enriches the pupils' Jewish studies and promotes their love to torah via formal lessons and informal quizzes and activities. Rav Noam, the current Rabbi, who comes to school every day school with a heart full of love and pockets full of candies, has become the students' favorite teacher.

Yerucham Yeshiva Keren Tzedaka (Charity Fund)

Our commitment to the poor

Yerucham Yeshiva's Keren Tzedaka (Charity Fund) has been in operation since the very inception of the Yeshivat in Yerucham, thirteen years ago. As part of our commitment to the development town of Yerucham, we also feel responsibility for the livelihood and finances of its weaker residents.




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