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Yeshiva - IDF Partnership
Yeshiva - IDF Partnership

The Yeshiva promotes full partnership with Am Yisrael in all its national undertakings. This is expressed most unmistakably by the Yeshiva's participation in military service in the IDF. Yeshivat Hesder of Yerucham expects its students to assume army service in the Hesder framework (where young men commit to a five-year program of combined study and military service). The Yeshiva views military service in the IDF as an excellent opportunity for its students to encounter all the various segments of the nation, and encourages the creation of connections that can lead to kiruv (return to Jewish roots) and unity of Am Yisrael.

Special programs for soldiers and officers

Commanders' Seminar

soldiersSince 2005 the yeshiva made contacts with the near by army bases of commanders' courses. About once a month, Rabbis and kollel men who served as officers in the IDF go to the bases or have the soldiers over in the yeshiva teaching them torah. We try to add to their phisical training the spiritual point of view of the important mission of commanding in the Israeli army. 





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