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Why Yerucham

Three educational and social goals lead us to build the Yeshiva in Yerucham:

Learning in a giving atmosphere

To teach our students to internalize and live what the Talmud calls "Torah learning that leads to action".  The Yeshiva believes that a ben Torah – one who devotes his life to Torah – must commit himself to the betterment of his community as well as to his own personal religious development.  Studying in a development town like Yerucham, and being part of the local community here, allows our students multiple opportunities to help fellow-residents who may be in need.

For the educational contribution to the town

To contribute to the cultural and religious life of the residents of Yerucham by being involved in the community and by presenting positive role models for the children of the town.

To settle the Negev and Yerucham

To bring well-educated, idealistic young families from the urban centers of Israel to settle in Yerucham.

Believing in education

The Yeshiva recognizes the importance of having well-trained professional teachers in Israel's schools, and as such has established a branch of the Herzog Teachers College on its campus.  Approximately 60% of our students earn a Teacher's Certificate while at the Yeshiva, and many of them continue at Herzog to get a Bachelor's degree in education.

We are proud of our students and graduates who have committed themselves and their families to the goals of the Yeshiva.  Twenty graduates, with their wives and children, have moved to Yerucham, found work and built their homes here.  Another 40 young families who are still in the Yeshiva, have also settled in the town.  In addition, scores of our graduates have begun similar Torahh-oriented communities in towns like Ohr Akiva, Ariel, Lud, Ramle, Adura, and others.






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