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The Yeshiva High School
The B'Levav Shalem Yeshiva High School that we established four years ago has earned a fine reputation and achieved outstanding results in all fields of work!!!

We trust that our recent agreement to join the "Amit Religious Zionist Educational Network in Israel" will help continue that success.

Target group

In the academic year of 2006-2007, a new yeshiva high school (yeshiva tichonit) called B'Levav Shalem has opened near the Yeshivat Hesder in Yerucham. The yeshiva educates towards love of Torah and yirat Shamayim (fear of G-d) while it deals with social and ethical issues and maintains high standards in religious as well as general studies.

Come get an education in Yerucham!

In addition to accepting local students from Yerucham and its environs, the yeshiva high school has opened its doors to boys from all over the entire country who are interested in developing in Torah as well as scholastically, while delving in depth into problems of the Israeli society and their solutions.

Now, in its fifth year, 130 students from Yerucham and other cities in the Negev and around the country are enrolled in the school, and many others who apply can not be accepted do to a lack of facilities. This integration of  Yeruchamites with peers from the center of the country is a big step towards bridging social gaps in Israel today, and is a significant educational step for the local students themselves.


Educational policy

We feel that spiritual growth starting from high-school age should be accompanied by sensitivity towards the spiritual as  well as physical needs of Klall Yisrael (the Jewish people). The B'Lelvav Shalem yeshiva is unique in that it promotes three levels of personal growth in the student, according to the lines of Rav Kook who said (Olat Ra'arya, commentary on the sidur):

"Some of the laws of the Torah are based on the wholeness and integrity of the People of Israel; others lead the individual towards becoming a true and perfect whole. Therefore, only when one intends to benefit himself, his brother and his people, can he truly fulfill G-ds' will with "B'Levav Shalem" (whole heart)."  (Unauthorized free translation).

In order to achieve our objective of integrating our students in social and public life in Israel so that they can "make a difference," we inculcate in them the importance of success in secular studies, so that they will be motivated to acquire bagrut (matriculation) certificates on the highest levels.


Most of the faculty of the yeshiva high school consists of Rabbanim of the Yeshivat Hesder and its graduates who have been dealing with chinuch for many years and have extensive teaching experience. The high school is under the guidance of Rav Eliyahu Blumentzweig, Rosh Yeshivat Hesder, while the acting Rosh Yeshiva of the high school itself is Rav Yair Yaakoby, a ram (rav) in the Hesder Yeshiva since 1994.

Promoting motivation in Yerucham

We believe, b'ezrat Hashem, that our new yeshiva will promote chinuch in Yerucham by creating motivation for success even among the local elementary school pupils in Yerucham (who will aspire to find their place in the yeshiva high school), and influence all those who enter its gates to become upstanding Jews who exert great efforts to worship Hashem, promote achdut Yisrael (Jewish unity), and contribute to society.

The High School and the Hesder

The B'Levav Shalem yeshiva high school represents an extension and continuation of the activities of the Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham.

However, on a day-to-day level the two institutions will function independently, which will give the yeshiva high school students a sense of independence and responsibility over their own yeshiva without being swallowed up by the veteran Hesder Yeshiva. On the other hand, we intend to take advantage of the Hesder Yeshiva to promote and inspire the high school students and provide role models for them. This strong connection is found in chevruta learning and tutoring of high school students by avreichim (married kollel men) of the yeshiva, as well as joint volunteer activities and a number of Shabbatot and chagim a year that are held together with the Hesder Yeshiva.

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