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torah in the town

Talmud Torah

  since 5766/2006, the Yeshiva operates a "Talmud Torah" (ex-curiculum Torah studies) for the Yerucham children in the afternoon hours. Over 110 children, from kindergarten through sixth grade, are involved in this weekly enterprise that takes place in the Kol Yaacov School, at homes and in the Bnei Akiva building. 

Bar Mitzva Preparation

An outgrowth of a municipal Bar Mitzvah program for new immigrants,
the program targets 13-year-old seventh-graders. The program aims to provide students with a sense of Jewish tradition and belonging by dealing with elements from their own lives.

 Adult Learning Programs in the Community

Shiurim in Batei Knesset and Homes

Yeshiva avreichim and rabbis also give regular shiurei Torah outside the walls of the yeshiva in local shuls and houses of families. Some serve as rabbis of local shuls. This creates closer relationships between the yeshiva representatives and the Yeruchamites who attend. In addition to these regular classes, the yeshiva offers shiurim and sermons for special events such as memorial services (yahrzeits).

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