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Rav Meir Kahane, Dayan, Rabbinical Beit Din of Be'er Sheva
 הרב מאיר כהנא

Rav Kahane (graduate of Yeshivat Kiryat Shmonah and Eretz Chemdah Kollel) first came to Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham in 5761-2000. From then, he taught the shiurim of the older yeshiva students. Rav Kahane is known for his ability to form warm, personal relationships with the students. He is also a company commander in the reserves, and he is in charge of keeping contact with the yeshiva students who become officers and commanders in the IDF. In 5772/2012 Rav Kahana was appointed to be a Dayan in the Rabbinical Beit Din in Be'er Sheva and since comes to the yeshiva once a week to teach and maintain the connections with the students and staff.

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