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Morning studies

The day begins with Tefillat Shacharit at six thirty AM. Most of the morning and afternoon hours are dedicated to learning Gemara b'iyun (in depth) with a chevruta (learning partner). Twice a week the ram gives a shiur (lesson) and once a week, the Rosh Yeshiva delivers a general shiur to the entire student body. At the same time, the Yeshiva maintains a separate program of teaching Halacha as preparation for semicha (rabbinic ordination) exams given by the rabbinate.

Afternoon studies

In the afternoon hours, most of the students are busy learning Tanach (Bible), machshava and emunah (Jewish philosophy) in chevruta or in shiurim. The shiurim"chavurot"-- guided learning in small groups. in Tanach and emunah are delivered by the yeshiva's Rabbanim as well as external Rabbanim who visit the Yeshiva once a week or every other week. In addition, the veteran students lead

Night "Seder"

The Seder Erev (evening session) is devoted to Gemara bekiyut, in which the more veteran young men learn in chevruta with the younger students.


The Yeshiva is open two out of three Shabbatot; on the third Shabbat, the students return home to join their families. The special Shabbat atmosphere in the Yeshiva starts with the Kabbalat Shabbat prayers held outside, facing the desert landscape and the sunset. The sichot (talks) of the Rosh Yeshiva, the oneg Shabbat by the Rabbanim, the meals and the learning all combine to create inspiring Shabbatot of harmony and spiritual upliftment. In the afternoon Shabbat hours, local Yerucham children join the Yeshiva for a Parshat Hashavua class.

Outside the Beit Medrash

The artist and the cooks…

True, the students spend most of the day in study between the walls of the Beit Medrash. However, the Yeshiva also strives to serve as a home to its students in every sense by giving the young men an opportunity to express other talents: the musically inclined fellows join the yeshiva's band, the creative artists produce huge wall posters to hang on the wall of the Chadar Ochel (dining hall), and the poets and writers express themselves in the yeshiva's bulletin. Even the aspiring cooks, prepare kugel and other delicacies for the Shabbat meals.

The poets and the actors

The bulletin board at the entrance of the Yeshiva also doubles as a forum for discussions, sometimes heated ones, on public affairs as well as internal-yeshiva issues.

In the weeks preceding Purim and on Purim itself, students' theatrical and vocal talents come into play in local plays and choirs.

Hyde Park

The dining hall also serves as an informal venue for communication with, and updates to, the yeshiva students; some of the young men even find time to eat the delicious food of Albert the chef.

The hikers

The Yeshiva also enjoys its proximity to the nearby desert, crater and lake; every year, the students explore these landscapes on the annual Yom Ha'atzmaut tiyul.

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