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About yerucham

Yerucham is a small and warm town, located 30 KM south east of Beer Sheva, in the Northern Negev region.

Two hours away from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Years of Crisis

For many decades, Yerucham was considered one of the poorest towns in the State of Israel. The wonderful people (the first arrivals were immigrants from Romania, but most were immigrants from Morocco) forcibly brought to Yerucham did not have the means to advance their children intellectually, educationally, and regarding employment, and Yerucham suffered from periodic crises in unemployment (13% unemployment until the early 1990s), crime, and abandonment of traditional values. There was constant negative migration from Yerucham – the population of Yerucham is 9600 (40% Moroccan origin, 25% from the FSU, 20% of Indian origin, 5% of Iranian origin, and 10% others), despite more than 100,000 people having lived in Yerucham over the years! Anyone who could, left Yerucham. Yerucham was considered third-rate by both its residents and the general Israeli populace. The physical desolation also resulted in spiritual and social desolation.

Blossoming Years

Today Yerucham is blooming, the education system is wonderful, and its residents are proud of it. Many young people move to Yerucham from the center of the country. The Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham has taken a large part in this revolution.

To learn more about Yerucham, you are welcome to come and visit us, and in the mean while, you're welcome to visit our city council's website: www.yeruham.co.il

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